What is Employee Engagement?

Ensure Everyone is Engaged & Pulling Their Weight…

As an office manager or business owner, you are undoubtedly busy. There are the every day tasks of managing an office or overseeing a business and then there are the unexpected surprises. Overdue deadlines, inventory issues, production problems are all an additional part of your everyday office life. Keeping up with whether or not employees are performing up to par is whole other category…

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What is Recruitment?

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is when employers actively seek people to undertake a specific job. Recruiting is undertaken in a number of ways. Some employers will advertise jobs in national and local newspapers, others will use the services of a recruitment agency and still others will attend business fairs while actively looking to recruit people for a specific role.

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The Pluses & Minuses of Internal Recruitment

The Pluses and Minuses of Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment is the often used practice of selecting among existing employees to fill a vacancy.

Sometimes the vacancy is advertised throughout a business, usually on its weekly or monthly internal newsletter or intranet. On occasion the practice is invoked because someone in the company is being made redundant in their current position and sometimes it is a way of promoting a certain employee sideways rather than up in the organisation.

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