Build a Positive Employer Employee Relationship

Build a Positive Employer Employee Relationship – Part 2

If you are an employer, chances are that you are aware that employer-employee relationships are essential for a well-run business. Although you may have this awareness, it may just stop there. Having an awareness is wonderful, but having a policy and procedure in place to continue to build upon that awareness is necessary.

There are several tips to use in order to incorporate a positive employer-employee relationship in the workplace based on a positive foundation…

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Winning in Business

Winning in Business

Learn How to Set Goals; Understand your Market & Grow Your Organisation Successfully

What does Being an Entrepreneur mean to you?

Anyone that is interested in finding true success throughout their lives can do so, with the right tools, the right amount of ambition and the knowledge to make it all happen. Yet, the entrepreneur, no matter which business he or she is in, must plan ahead and find success through much more than just these things…


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How to Find Job Vacancies Near Me

Job Vacancies Near Me – Burton on Trent & Derby

The Latest Vacancies from Build a UK Business:

Burton on Trent – Staffordshire

Business Administration Assistant

Business Administration Assistant Burton Upon Trent NMW to £8.21ph Basic plus Regular Bonus, Statutory Holidays & Pension Contribution

Our client is a successful, well established East Midlands based waste management company, we are searching for a Business Administration Assistant to support our existing Sales, Finance & Operational Team:


Supporting the Operations, Finance and Sales Teams, which will include:

  • Supporting with Operational Compliance e.g. Health & Safety
  • Working with the Sales Team to manage their tender process
  • Finance – Supporting our current team with administration

Skills Required

  • Recent Business Administration experience
  • Knowledge of the Tender & Bid Process
  • An understanding of Health, Safety and Compliance e.g. FORS, ISO9001/14001

Contact: or 0121 582 6119

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Motivate & Encourage Your Employees

Learn How to Motivate & Encourage Your Employees

As a manager or leader, do you let your people assume more responsibility when they are able? Do you know when that is, or do you keep telling yourself that they aren’t ready yet?

You may be willing to delegate but you don’t know how. Delegation requires the ability to break up large tasks into smaller chunks, establish priorities, and decide which of those chunks they need to perform. You then also need to monitor their progress….

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Motivating Your Employees

Motivating Your Employees

What is Motivation?

Motivating your employees – Let’s take motivation in a psychological perceptive and understand it. Motivation in all sense has different definitions and meaning in which most relates on how businesses or managers or leaders employ it. Motivation is generally what energises, maintains, and controls behaviour; it acts as a stimulus for desirable actions.

Motivation results in goal-directed behaviour that results to a positive way of using energy and skills to toward a preferable outcome. The importance of this from a professional standpoint is enormous as much of what employees do is specifically delegated to capture present or future value for their company…

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Employee Motivation Theories

Employee Motivation Theories

The Expectancy Theory

In this theory, both Maslow’s and Herzberg’s motivation theories presents that motivations is triggered by expectations. Though this is true in some points, by generalising it both theories are criticised. It is obvious with many other recent researches that the same people are motivated by different things at different times and that different people are motivated by different things at the same time. Therefore, there is no certain category of motivation. Expectancy refers to the subjective probability that one thing will result in another. Individual perception is, therefore, an essential part of Expectancy theory…

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How to Lead & Influence People

How to Lead & Influence People


Leading people has nothing to do with managing them. Too many managers are trying to micro-manage their staff, all the while forgetting to lead them effectively.

If you want to become a strong leader you need to lead by example. This means you have to show your team that you are perfectly capable to set examples. By doing so you will earn their respect and create lifelong devotees who would move mountains to please you. Conversely, a manager who hides behind his office door while commanding staff isn’t going to gain much respect in the work place…

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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills – What Makes a Great Leader?

Napoleon once said: “One bad general does better than two good ones.” It takes a

moment for the sense of this to register, but it is the same as our modern saying that “too

many cooks spoil the broth” Having one set of instructions, even if they are flawed, is

preferable to having two sets of perfect directions that, when enacted together without

reference to each other, cause havoc…

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Are Your Employees Motivated?

Are Your Employees Motivated?

Employees that are too stressed out results to lower quality and productivity. Stress can also result to illness which can either be physical, like fatigue, or mental, like anxiety and tension. However, a certain amount of stress could be required to help keep employees motivated. If things run too smoothly, employees can lose attention and become bored in their work…

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