Recognising Employee Achievement

Recognising Employee Achievement

Having motivated employees gives you a good level of innovation, while they may provide you with a better, higher quality of work at a sustainable level of efficiency. Though the benefits are quite broad, they are also quite vague, so that goes back to whether the motivated employee costs less and has no downsides. However you could say that motivating employees cost nothing, if the method you use requires no capital at all to coach managers to act as effective motivators…

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Top Reasons Why Employees Stay

Top Reasons Why Employees Stay

The top reasons employees remain where they are:

  1. Career growth, learning, and development
  2. Exciting and challenging work
  3. Meaningful work, making a difference and a contribution
  4. Great people
  1. Being part of a team
  2. Good boss
  3. Recognition for work well done
  4. Fun on the job
  5. Autonomy, sense of control over my work
  6. Flexibility, for example, in work hours and dress code
  7. Fair pay and benefits
  8. Inspiring leadership
  9. Pride in the organisation, its mission, and quality of product
  10. Great work environment
  11. Location
  12. Job security
  13. Family-friendly employer
  14. Cutting-edge technology


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Focus on the Bigger Picture

Focus On The Bigger Picture

You can’t lead without any people following you. You can’t bring success to your business without motivated employees.

The vital key element of many successful companies, business, and organisations are their highly motivated employees. A company with motivated employees flourishes more. They get better leads and generate more sales…

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People Empowerment Secrets

How to Motivate Your Employees & People Around You to Work Towards a Greater Goal

Knowing company direction is very important to a person making decision. So, how well do you manage your employee to stay focused on the bigger picture?

Your main job as a leader is to be a guiding light to others. This article will guide you to inspire and empower people with your “voice of leadership” transforming their lack of clarity and confidence into hopefulness and resolve in moving forward…

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Helping Employees Deal with Work Stress

Effective Ways to Help Employees Deal with Work Related Stress

Possibly, only a handful of companies worldwide have employees with little or no stress. Having stress on the job is commonplace and expected. There are many different personalities along with just as many job responsibilities and pressures in an office environment.

Sometimes, however – these different personalities do not see eye to eye and the pressure of deadlines and job responsibilities on top of that will add up to work-related stress…

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Raise Your Employees Morale

How to Raise Your Employee’s Morale

Any intelligent employer knows that when morale is high, profits are even higher. When employees are happy, the whole company – all the cogs and wheels, run smoothly. It is so easy to be caught up in the day-to-day business of doing business, that an employer or office manager simply does not have the time to spend on soothing employee’s spirits…

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