Build a Positive Employer Employee Relationship

Build a Positive Employer Employee Relationship – Part 2

If you are an employer, chances are that you are aware that employer-employee relationships are essential for a well-run business. Although you may have this awareness, it may just stop there. Having an awareness is wonderful, but having a policy and procedure in place to continue to build upon that awareness is necessary.

There are several tips to use in order to incorporate a positive employer-employee relationship in the workplace based on a positive foundation…

Be an Active Listener

If you are available to listen to your employees, even if it is only 15 minutes of your time, this will show him or her that you are interested in his or her opinion. When you brush your employees aside and later never comes, it gives the impression that you are uninterested and unconcerned.

Active listening is when you listen to what someone is not saying as opposed to all that they are saying. Sometimes listening for the underlying message is all it takes to come to a reasonable and equitable solution.

Take an Interest

Employees are not just moneymaking machines or worker bees. They are human beings that have real families and real life issues, as well. When you take an active interest and inquire as to how they or their families are, you take an interest in your company, as well

An employee will feel nourished when an employer takes the time out to inquire about them as human beings. Be sincere and brief in your inquires so as to make an employee understand you are genuinely interested, but not prying.

Make Time for Your Employees

Whether it is to listen to a gripe or spend some down time on a company picnic, taking and making time for your employees is important. When you take time out to listen to a gripe and make an effort to come to some kind of reasonable solution, your employee let’s off much-needed negative stress. A positive employee is a positive business.

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