Feeling Good Equals Great Business

I have just got back from the gym, been doing some boxing training. Why am I telling you about this?

I have missed the gym for 3 weeks and I find that business does suffer when I don’t feel good mentally and physically

When I don’t exercise, the mornings are harder – not feeling as sharp and not as prepared for the day ahead

I choose a tough session over the weekend then smaller sessions during the week, just to keep the blood pumping

Business is tough – we know that, why not choose to do something, anything that makes you feel more motivated?

Also, I have found that not eating well and having the right foods has also had an effect, I just don’t have the same energy

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may struggle to get the best out of your business if you don’t take take care of your mental and physical health on a regular basis

Give it a try and see how eating better and exercising reguarly makes you feel – it can be as simple as taking a walk everyday or prepping a healthy lunch the night before

Let’s give it a go, comment below with anything you have started that starting to make you feel better and have a positive effect on your business

Let’s go on the journey together 🙂

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