Helping Employees Deal with Work Stress

Effective Ways to Help Employees Deal with Work Related Stress

Possibly, only a handful of companies worldwide have employees with little or no stress. Having stress on the job is commonplace and expected. There are many different personalities along with just as many job responsibilities and pressures in an office environment.

Sometimes, however – these different personalities do not see eye to eye and the pressure of deadlines and job responsibilities on top of that will add up to work-related stress…

There are ways, however, to effectively deal with work related stress from both an employee and an employer perspective.

From an employer-based point of view, you can offer your employees various ways to deal with stress.


As an employer or business owner, you get to choose the décor and furnishings of the office environment your employees use every day. Having an office environment with comfortable furniture, perhaps even ergonomic furnishings and soothing décor is a wise choice indeed.

Soft uplifting colors, for example, pale yellow, will work wonders to keep employees alert and calm throughout his or her day. Paintings of landscapes offering views of different seasons will always give a lift to anyone looking at them. Large plants throughout the office also help to clean up the air they breathe.

An Open Door Policy

When you offer your employees an open door, you offer them a way to let off steam and express themselves. The sooner you allow them to express themselves, the sooner they can go about their business, which ultimately is your business.

Sometimes you may not have an immediate solution or advice for your employee, but you can simply be a listener for that individual. Sometimes in being heard, all it takes is good listening skills.

Programs and Seminars

It is important to take an interest in employees’ well-being at all times. Offering seminars and programs in the department of health, nutrition, and overall well-being gives your employee an opportunity to heal what ails them. It also shows that you genuinely care and are concerned for their well-being.

Offering different types of programs and having speakers come to speak on subjects of yoga, exercise, and healthy food choices gives an employee knowledge on how to cope with stress on their own.

When you take an interest in the well-being of your employees’ it will reflect in your office atmosphere. This is a win/win situation all the way around.

Offering your employee the opportunity to learn techniques and tactics to de-stress on his or her own offers you the opportunity to have a healthier, happier employee.

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