Motivating People is Easy…

Motivating People is Easy…

You might think that motivating people is easy as some may make it sound like, but in reality, it’s quite hard and challenging. It needs clear thinking and hard work. Therefore, having the clarity of goals and expectations complemented by rewards, both tangible and intangible, motivates people to achieve organisation goals.

1. Desire to be great

People have a great desire to contribute to something lasting and get motivated naturally when they feel that they are working on something important, rare and marvelous.

2. Motivating by caring

Showing genuine concern towards employees goes a long way in inspiring them. Whether it‟s spending on their ailing parent, sending a child to school or meeting their healthcare concern, it creates a sense of loyalty in the employees and thus helps in retaining them.

3. Motivating people at different levels

Different people could be motivated at different motivation levels. This can also be based according to their skills. Some may want stock shares while others will only ask for bonuses depending on their contribution and position.

4. Motivating by setting difficult goals

Difficult goals stimulate greater effort and greater performance. This linear relation could be explained by the following equation: Job performance = f (ability + knowledge) (Motivation). Abilities of a person could also be enhanced by the right motivation. This could be done by constantly exploiting the strengths of a person and ignoring his weaknesses.

5. Motivating problem people

Understanding human nature becomes very critical in this regard. To motivate a problem employee, one should know what drives him. Then identify blocks to his drives and try removing those impediments.

More evidence supports that motivated employees provide:

Finds a better ways to do a job
They are quality oriented
Of course, they are more productive and efficient

While most people have a fair idea of what leadership is, there is some disagreement about the meaning of motivation. For much motivation is the method used to get people to work. For others, it represents higher salaries, fringe benefits and improved working conditions. Still others view it as a management exercise.

Recognising Achievement.

Overall, as stated many times, having motivated employees gives you high level innovation while they provide you with better higher quality of work at a high level of efficiency. Though the benefits are quite broad, they are also quite vague that goes back whether the argument that motivated employees costs less and has no downsides. You can say that motivating employees cost NONE if the method you’ll use requires no capital at all to coach managers to act as effective motivators.

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