Motivating Your Employees

Motivating Your Employees

Many different things and factors can motivate a person in the workplace, but there are also different factors that can also motivate conflict and inflict stress in the workplace. One key factor is stress management, how the person handles stress is what will make or break a working relationship…

Work Motivation

There are three main key theories that suggest how people react and what pushes people to have the initiative, motivation or drive to do their job well and better while also relieving stress in the workplace.

Before we tackle the different theories of motivating employees in the workplace, let’s find out why is it important to emphasise and create a process of motivation.

Any organisation flourishes with motivated employees. It’s the most important part for any organisation. Without them, there is no one to do the selling. Managers have been long known to think of creative ways to keep employees motivated and working hard. Making sure they come to work regularly, with energy and continuously providing works that are positive contributions for the company.

Costs & Profitability

When they are so, the business will be able to save up and cut costs while able to make more profit, which is the goal of any business or organisations built. Unmotivated employees are what you can say a bit of a challenge to handle. Though they are qualified to their work, they are less likely to work on it.

They are not willing to do well in their jobs or sometimes organisations will even require hiring other people to do different jobs that sadly results to high operating costs and reduction on profit which are not in favour for the company as well as the employees.

Job Performance

According to an article entitled Need-based Perspectives on Motivation‟ by Moorhead and Griffin, job performance depends on three main factors: Motivation, Ability and Environment. In order for an employee to reach a higher level of performance, he/she must “want to do the job” (motivation), “be able to do the job” (ability), and “must have the materials, resources, and equipment to do the job” (environment).

“Performance = Motivation + Ability + Environment”

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