Recognising Employee Achievement

Recognising Employee Achievement

Having motivated employees gives you a good level of innovation, while they may provide you with a better, higher quality of work at a sustainable level of efficiency. Though the benefits are quite broad, they are also quite vague, so that goes back to whether the motivated employee costs less and has no downsides. However you could say that motivating employees cost nothing, if the method you use requires no capital at all to coach managers to act as effective motivators…

Motivating is Challenging

Motivating people to take a risk can be truly challenging. This can be done by having a frank discussion on the chances of success, making roles & responsibilities clearer, spreading risk across the team and organisation and by supporting the initiatives irrespective of the chances of success.

Effectiveness of people at the workplace depends on how their work will fit into the grand vision of organisation and what the future holds for the organisation and to them.

With the combination of recognition along with tangible rewards, the way motivation works is thus progressive and cumulative.

Employee Incentives

However, if this system is considered as a panacea, motivation may suffer badly. A suitable mix of rewards, incentives, and recognition augmented by a series of employee engagement activities must be integrated to retain people and encourage them to remain in the organisation.

New Challenges

The most important factor in this mix should be “change”. Therefore, excitement and fun and the thrill of new challenges keep the ball of motivation rolling.

Even the best performance can be improved!

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