Should You Use Lead Generation Services for Your Business?

Should You Use Lead Generation Services for your Business?

If you are suffering from limited business growth, then it’s probably time to seek out new methods to counter that lack of growth. However, there might also be other reasons why your business’ growth might have stalled. It may because your marketing strategies are just not working as effectively as they should, maybe you do not know who you’re target customer is, and maybe you just do not have the time to implement the marketing methods that your business really needs to grow?

Whatever the reason is, your business is still suffering from a lack of growth. You need a fresh supply of leads and customers to keep you afloat. But at the moment, these customers are not attracted to your marketing offers and information. This is where lead generation services via Build a UK Business can be so effective.

What are Lead Generation Services?

Lead Generation is basically the process which involves attracting and turning strangers into potential customers. The aim with lead generation services is to attract your target customer into being interested in your products and/or services. Surveys, coupons, online competitions, applications and general online content are all examples of lead generation.

A common example is when telemarketers call you about their products and services. Even though you might find the call annoying, you may now be more informed about the service/product and might end up wanting to use it in the future.

This example however, is a weak strategy as many people find cold calls intrusive and annoying
Instead, a better strategy would be one where a business might get in contact with you after you have shown some interest. You could have done this by completing an online survey on a particular website. Then the owner of the business behind the website might get in contact with you to offer you their services. These offers may or may not be based on what you filled out in your survey. Whatever the case, this company has now successfully made contact with you and informed you about their services in a non-intrusive way.

You are now a lead for that company. They acquired this lead through the online survey. This is what lead generation services offer.
It is a relationship built on trust and mutual benefit. You wish to grow your business and lead generation services offer you the tools to reach your target customer much more effectively.

But What Exactly is Lead Generation?
The process of acquiring these leads is lead generation. The online survey that you filled out for that company was a tactic employed by lead generation services. Other examples might include but are not limited to: Blogs, Newsletters, Coupons, Competitions, Videos, adverts and much more.

It is basically finding ways to encourage your target customer to find your business, products and services appealing. You are going out in the world and finding ways to make your business more attractive to your target market and transform them into potential customers. You want to give these potential customers enough incentive to be naturally interested in what you have to offer.

Lead Generation Services
Lead Generation Services, like those provided by Build a UK Business – will collect these for you. You submit a detailed overview of your business, and its goals. We will then find e-mails, contact information, whatever else it can find about people interested in your service and build an effective Lead Generation Project for you.
This information is used to call or communicate in the most effective way to these potential customers.
Build a UK Business use methods mentioned before like surveys, blogs, online content etc. to attract strangers and then turn them into prospects. These lead generation services have been found to be highly effective and can help a business with renewed growth, if used right.
There are many different ways to effectively generate leads for your business. You may choose a model based on advice and your preference. This model is then used to attract leads to your business.

Pros and Cons of using Lead Generation Services

• You will find that if and when you begin to generate leads on your own i.e. organically, that it will be a long and complicated process
• Lead Generation Service will cover bases you would not have even thought existed.
• You could be saving a lot of money in the long run. These services will manage your marketing spend more
• No need to create an entire separate marketing department within your own business
• Do not need to hire extra employees, or at least fewer employees
• No extra cost needed to create a working office space.
• Focus on acquiring and closing potential sales
• No in-company training required
• No extra resources needed
• Results come in easy to read and use form
• Every service is tailored to your own needs
• Relatively inexpensive
• Less time spent on managing employees
• Professional help from people who are highly experienced in lead generation services.
• Results from in-house help may be inaccurate.
• No overhead charges with some specific lead generation models.

• Hired lead generation services are less familiar with your business, products and service.
• You don’t have as much control as far as employee management is concerned
• You do not learn as much about lead generation techniques.
• You may have to re-hire these services to aid you in any future projects.
• Data collected has to be managed more effectively as the result of recent GDPR changes
• Gaps in communication may lead to inaccurate results
• Service might interpret your business in a completely different way than intended so testing and measuring is important
• You may have to scale your business to cope with the additional inbound leads

In the eyes of a business that wants to grow, the pros here should and will far outweigh the cons. Still, it is not wise to ignore these cons altogether. It is best to critically analyse what approach suits you best. You have to make sure your marketing budget is being utilised correctly, giving you a strong Return on Investment (ROI)

The Different Models of Lead Generation
There are many ways to develop a lead generation process, research at least three and then explore the models that lead generation services offer.
Do It Yourself (DIY)
This can be one of the most difficult and expensive models that can be used. In simple terms, you will need to research and learn your chosen method of lead generation, however this is not impossible as many “How To” videos exist online
You will also need to understand the importance of keyword generation, SEO and good content writing, telling a good story and engaging with your audience is super important

Lead Generation Marketing Retainers
A marketing retainer is basically a hired full marketing department for your business. A full-service marking agency like Build a UK Business can be hired by a business in exchange for a wide variety of services. Retainers can be hired for a long period of time and aren’t tied to just one project. And these same companies can be hired quickly and easily for lead generating services.
A business enters into a contract with an agency and a budget is set on a monthly basis. The hired agency works to first determine the strategic marketing goals it has been hired to execute. An agency will get under the skin of your business and work to understand what the purpose of your business is and what is it you do. An agency will work to try to understand who your customers and what kind of content they’re actually looking for.
An inbound retainer’s aim is to deliver authentic and high quality leads to your sales team.

How and Why Lead Generating Retainers Work.
To have successful inbound marketing work, you must trust the agency you hired with finding out the reasons that might attract people to your website. You need to understand what their needs and issues are. This takes a whole different restructuring of a marketing strategy. You need to shift from selling products to your customers to understanding what helps that and then delivering on that. And you need to stick to this plan.
You could structure a lead generator team within your own company but that is a huge undertaking. You’ll need a huge team, employees for each designation and then their salaries. That could cost you well over £100k plus.
Hiring a retained service is a great affordable alternative to hiring your own team. Hiring a retained service allows the business to form a relationship with you. The agency dives into building your business and working every way to improve it and to add value, determining what makes a difference and what doesn’t. This relationship is highly beneficial for you since the agency essentially becomes a part of the business without any HR related payroll or issues. The staff related to the agency care as much as you do about the business and that’s hard to come by.
The entire point of an inbound retainer is to constantly work to find the best practice, stay ahead of the curve and practice everything that will generate new leads. An inbound retainer will know better than anyone about how the search engines and social media platforms work. They know how to abide by the rules of the search engine and social media giants to have real results.
The top results on search engines and social media are there mostly because they deserve to be. They abide by all of the requirements that content needs to be to be at the top. This means that the content should be truly useful, engaging and helpful to the user. The page should have a low bounce rate that means that whoever landed on the page found it useful enough to stay on it. And the top results at the major search engines give the best leads.
A lead generating marketing service like, Build a UK Business knows exactly what type of content, what type of structures and what type of rules one should follow to end up as one of the top results on sites like Google. If your business is dedicated to a niche subject that doesn’t have competition, applying your new marketing strategies could show results quite quickly.
If your content is a generic and popular topic, where the top search results are dominated by established businesses who constantly try to fight off competitors, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see results. This means that it might be hard to determine how long you’re going to be associated with your business which is why a lot of retained services are hired for a longer term relationship.

Lead Sources
In this day and age, lead sources are mainly online. Sure it may depend on the type of product you have but communication nowadays is done mainly online. While something like cold calls are still used, the majority of the marketing share has now shifted to the online space
The following are some of the best lead generating platforms that are popular right now:

Google is the number one lead generator in the world. There are no doubts about that. If your business is online and your product is sold through the internet, then a majority of your leads can come through Google. But to get high enough on the results page on Google to start generating leads is a whole different game. Like we mentioned before, all of the results at the top of Google deserve to be there. Google is a merit-based search engine. If your content or website or product truly helps a customer, then your website will probably be listed higher.
Google uses a lot of techniques to determine the ranking of a website, some of them Search Engine Optimised (SEO) related. Having content that follows SEO is one of the biggest parts of marketing content nowadays. Before this, one could just potentially spam keywords in an article for Google to pick it up. Now content is rewarded for its quality.
Like we mentioned before, link generating services know the ins and outs of Google. Trends change very quickly and these agencies are on top of them.

Instagram has a staggering 1 billion active users so can be really effective in generating leads compared to other social media sites. A great way to market your business.
Instagram has only recently allowed adverts on their platform, this means the cost per lead can be considerably less than sites like Facebook, however the functionality still remains basic, meaning you will not get the same statistical detail as sites like Facebook
When you’re creating ads, Instagram will ask you for some basic information, including your budget Etc. After information is submitted, you’ll need to add a small piece of content or a short 60 second video with an attractive tag line. Making an accessible ad will make sure your content is available to more people and thus you’ll see more leads.

Approximately one billion people use Facebook. Facebook runs almost its entire system of operations through ads. Facebook provides a link generator ad service that promises a significant increase in leads generated if set up and managed correctly
Facebook provides pre-populated forms which means people get to fill in their information much faster. This also means there are fewer drop offs and more conversions. You’ll be reaching the right audience because of Facebook’s audience optimization.

Direct Lead Connection
This can be achieved by connecting directly with your potential customers, this can include – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on your website, an instant help chat service where potential customers can ask questions online or submit a question via email

Data Mining
Data mining is the process of collecting patterns in large data sets using software and computational processes that involve methods that include artificial intelligence, statistics, analytics and databases. Data mining is done to observe important patterns in a large data set so we can draw conclusions from it. Usually data is about patterns people follow, their purchasing trends, what they’re spending on.
Data mining is a pretty hefty undertaking. Harvesting data, sorting it into an understandable form and then using software or a team of specialists to derive a pattern from it is a huge investment. Just the software and employees can be very expensive.
This process is used by many large companies, including Facebook or Google

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