What is Employee Engagement?

Ensure Everyone is Engaged & Pulling Their Weight…

As an office manager or business owner, you are undoubtedly busy. There are the every day tasks of managing an office or overseeing a business and then there are the unexpected surprises. Overdue deadlines, inventory issues, production problems are all an additional part of your everyday office life. Keeping up with whether or not employees are performing up to par is whole other category…


There are ways to ensure that everyone is pulling his or her weight, but this takes being intentional and following through, as well.

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

It is more than important to have frequent meetings with the employees. These meetings do not have to be lengthy. As a matter of fact, having brief meetings kept to 15 or 20 minutes will enable you to get your point across, check in, and let everyone know that you are holding everyone to a code of integrity.

If you are going to be absent from the comings and goings of the workplace, chances are, employees will receive a subliminal message that you do not care. This may cause your employees to adapt a similar feeling. However, having frequent meetings may alleviate this issue.

Let Your Employees Know about Accountability

Having a conversation about accountability with your employees is the first step. Let your employees know that there is a job to do and you will be checking in from time to time.

Also, offer your employees the benefit of an accountability partner. With an accountability partner, your employees will feel more inclined to get his or her tasks done in a timely manner. When an accountability partner is assigned to a specific employee for a specific project, success in completing that project will more than likely follow.

Employees knowing that they have to answer to someone may make the difference between a deadline that is met as to compared to one that is overdue.

Offer a Calendar with Due Dates

Set up a website that has a home base and offers each individual employee’s duties, tasks, and responsibilities and assign deadlines to each. It is amazing how much more progress you will make when deadlines are assigned.

When any individual knows there is a specific and accountable deadline, progress in meeting and exceeding those deadlines is sure to follow.

By setting policies and procedures in place, and by using tools and techniques, ensuring everyone is pulling his or her weight will follow more easily.

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