What is the Role of a Recruitment Consultant?

What is the Role of a Recruitment Consultant?

People’s experience of recruitment agencies may vary widely. Some will keep in touch and routinely inform you what positions they have found on your behalf and how the process is developing, on the other hand there are agencies who ask prospective employees to send in CV’s and fill out other forms but then give no feedback.

Recruitment Consultants

Some agencies will use a recruitment consultant. A recruitment consultant is a person who works with the agency. They will interview prospective employees and sometimes ask them to take some tests to decide what opportunities would suit them best.

A lot depends on what tactics you invoke in your job search. You may register with a large number of agencies or you may decide to register with one or two agencies with a specific target market. If you do the latter then it is a good idea to form an amiable relationship with your recruitment consultant and keep in regular contact with them.

One of the best ways of securing a job that you really want is to get your name and your capabilities known by consultants in your preferred industry. These people will have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in particular companies and if they know you are interested they will often inform you of some of the best vacancies available.

How to Get Ahead

If you want to be the person at the forefront of a recruitment consultants mind then you need to keep in regular contact with that consultant. A recruitment consultant may deal with a great number of clients and receive literally hundreds of CV’s a week. It makes sense therefore to keep your name at the forefront of a consultant√≠s mind if you don’t want to be left on the shelf when a suitable vacancy arises.

It is the job of a recruitment consultant to assess you as a person and to match your qualifications and skills to a particular employer. They can do this much better if they really know who you are. This means that it is important to form a relationship with your recruitment consultant.

Building Relationships

If you take the time to know your recruitment consultant then they will take more time with you. A good consultant will also form cordial relationships with prospective employers. They know how to help you present yourself and your abilities in such a way as to interest prospective employers

They know how to help you market your transferable skills so that you attract the interest of the greatest number of employers.

In short a good consultant is almost as important to your job search as a good degree and a killer CV.

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