Working Effectively with Others

How to Work Effectively with Others

Just about everyone has a co-worker that he or she does not quite see eye to eye with every day. While some of these co-workers may make work more difficult, there are ways around these sticky situations.

It is possible to work effectively and efficiently with others, it just takes a little practice and a few tips…

Everyone has a Job

It is important to learn early on what your job description is and, if you can, before starting work to ask for a copy of yours. Once you have your job description in hand, you have a bit of leverage when you think someone asks you to do something you do not believe is within your job description.

Once you are aware of your job description, it is also important to note what other co-workers job descriptions are, as well. It is only necessary to know those with whom you work closest with as opposed to knowing the job descriptions of the entire office.

When co-workers know their boundaries, it is easier to get along.

Set Boundaries

Open lines of communications and asserting oneself is the next step in getting long well with others in the workplace. Once you know your duties and responsibilities, you can easily set boundaries. Setting boundaries comes in handy if a coworker tries to pass additional work your way, especially if that work is his or her responsibility.

It is perfectly fine in the workplace to set boundaries and to do so in an assertive and polite manner.

Encourage Teamwork

If you act as a team player, chances are that you will become a leader and a role model. When a co-worker sees that you are interested in acting as a team instead of as an opponent, you will see cooperation double.

All it takes is one person to initiate teamwork and the rest are more than likely to follow suit.

It’s All in the Attitude

Adopt a positive attitude. If you are having a bad day, and we all have them, try not to dwell in it for too long in the workplace. If you accept what is happening and see what actions steps you need to take in order to rectify it, then that is half the battle.

Being cheerful in the workplace takes effort, but there are many things to be grateful for in the workplace, for example, a paycheck, health insurance benefits, and a pension.

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